1. Introduction

Maesa Cosmetics GmbH respects and protects your privacy and takes into account the relevant legal regulations. This data protection statement informs you how Maesa Cosmetics GmbH uses the data of people who visit this website. By using the website of Maesa Cosmetics GmbH, you declare your consent to the processing of your personal data by Maesa Cosmetics GmbH as per this data protection statement.
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2. Definition of terms

In this data protection statement, personal data refers to all information that relates to a certain or identifiable person, such as first and last names, age, e-mail and postal address. The term “use” comprises any handling of personal data, regardless of the means and procedures applied, namely processing (particularly identifying, collating, saving, storage, ordering, comparing, amending, linking, reproduction, retrieving, distribution, usage, disposal, blocking, deleting, destruction) and transfer to third parties.

3. Type of data used and purpose of data use

Title, first name and surname, postal address and e-mail address are used as part of newsletter subscription and competition registration by Maesa Cosmetics GmbH. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you explicitly consent to the sending of promotional information about p2cosmetics tips & trends, sent by Maesa Cosmetics GmbH, via e-mail in accordance with § 107 of the Telecommunications Act.

4. Disclosure of personal data to third parties

Transfer to third parties only takes place to commissioned service providers who render certain services for Maesa Cosmetics GmbH. Except in the cases mentioned in this data protection statement, Maesa Cosmetics GmbH will not pass on the obtained personal data to third parties or make it accessible to third parties in any other way. However, your personal data can be disclosed to partners of Maesa Cosmetics GmbH in Austria and abroad who commit to handle the personal data as per this data protection statement. Personal data can be passed on to third parties who act for or on behalf of Maesa Cosmetics GmbH in order to process the data in line with the original purpose for which it was obtained, such as to supply services, for marketing or technical support. These third parties are contractually bound by Maesa Cosmetics GmbH to use the obtained data only for the agreed purpose and not to pass on your personal data to other persons. We also inform you that Maesa Cosmetics GmbH may be required to disclose your personal data due to official orders or directives.

5. Cookies

The term “cookies” refers to small files that are saved on your computer. They track your website visits when you use various websites. Maesa Cosmetics GmbH uses cookies to better understand how visitors use the website of Maesa Cosmetics GmbH. This technology helps us to manage the website and improve its user-friendliness. By using cookies, Maesa Cosmetics GmbH can identify whether your computer has already established a connection with this website at an earlier time. Maesa Cosmetics GmbH can thus see, among other things, which areas of the website are used most often. The Internet browser can be set in such a way that a notification on the screen indicates the arrival of a cookie, so that you can decide for each cookie whether you would like to install it on the hard drive. If you reject the installation of the cookie, you may not be able to use all of the functionalities of your browser. What’s more, you can also decide at any time not to use cookies and thus this website by deleting the cookies that have been saved by this website. This is possible using the settings in your Internet browser and by deleting all cookies.

6. Website analysis

The website of Maesa Cosmetics GmbH uses the service Piwik. For this purpose, the usage information produced by a cookie is sent to the server and saved for usage analysis purposes, which serves to optimise the website. Your IP address is shortened in this process so that you remain anonymous as a user. The information that is created by the cookie regarding your use of this website is not passed on to third parties. If you do not consent to the saving and evaluation of this data from your visit with the help of Piwik, you can subsequently object to the saving and usage with the click of a mouse at any time. In this case, an opt-out cookie is saved in your browser, which means that Piwik does not save any session data. Please note: If you delete your cookies, this means that the opt-out cookie is also deleted and may have to be reactivated by you.

7. Data security

Maesa Cosmetics GmbH guarantees the security and confidentiality of the personal data obtained. This data is protected by Maesa Cosmetics GmbH using suitable technical and organisational measures against loss and unauthorised processing, such as misuse, unauthorised access and destruction. Maesa Cosmetics GmbH is not responsible for guaranteeing the security of your data while this is transferred over the Internet. If Maesa Cosmetics GmbH becomes aware that your data has been used in a systematically and seriously unlawful manner and you are thus at risk of damage, Maesa Cosmetics GmbH will inform you immediately.

8. Changes and adaptation to this data protection statement

The present data protection statement takes into account applicable law. The continuous improvement of this website and legal amendments or new technologies can require this data protection statement to be adapted. Maesa Cosmetics GmbH reserves the right to update or modify this data protection statement without prior notice as it sees fit. For this reason, we recommend you regularly read the latest version of this data protection statement. This data protection statement was last updated on 27th July 2015.

9. Right to information and questions

Maesa Cosmetics GmbH endeavours to always keep the recorded data correct, up-to-date and reliable with regard to the intended use. If you would like to view or correct your personal data that has been processed via this website, then please contact us by e-mail at Please supply us with sufficient information so that we can identify your personal data. We will provide you with the desired information within 8 weeks. If a formal law or your own interests or the interests of a third party restrict your right to information, we will notify you of this in a written, substantiated decision. If you have general questions regarding the use of your personal data, this data protection statement or concerns with regard to the way in which Maesa Cosmetics GmbH uses your data, please send us these via e-mail to